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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School


At Brackenwood Junior School, we are proud to have a team of passionate and dedicated educators who are committed to fostering a nurturing and stimulating environment for our pupils. Our staff members bring a wealth of experience, diverse backgrounds, and a shared commitment to excellence in education. Each member of our team plays a crucial role in supporting our pupils' academic and personal growth.

Miss Fry


With over 10 years of experience in education, I have dedicated my career to empowering young minds and promoting a love for learning. My journey has taken me through various teaching and leadership roles in many differing cities from London to Manchester and now on the Wirral, each one enriching my understanding of the diverse needs of pupils and the importance of creating a supportive school culture.

Mrs Lees

Year 5 and 6 Assistant Headteacher, Year 6 Class Teacher - Non-Core Curriculum and Reading Lead

My Name is Mrs Lees and I am an Assistant Headteacher at Brackenwood Junior School. I have had the pleasure of working at our school since I was a Newly Qualified Teacher 13 years ago. My other roles in school consist of being a Year 6 teacher as well as the Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader. In addition to this, I am lucky enough to be our Reading Lead and Non-core Curriculum Lead which I am very passionate about. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My two little boys keep me very busy but I also have many hobbies, such as running, going to the gym, yoga, cooking and going on adventures. 

Ms Balmer - Year 3 and 4 Assistant Headteacher, Year 6 Class Teacher - SENDCO

Mrs Powley - Teaching Assistant

I'm Ms Balmer and I'm currently Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO, Lower Phase Leader and Year 6 teacher at Brackenwood Juniors. I've worked at the school since 2015, when I started as a newly qualified teacher and became SENDO here after returning from maternity leave in September 2022. I've loved working as part of the team since I started here and I've really enjoyed seeing how far the school has come over the last few years. I've had many roles during my time here but SENDCO has been the one I find the most rewarding.
In my spare time, I enjoy taking my two children out, who are 2 years old and 15 years old. When I have free time, I enjoy spending it doing outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting new places. I also like to spend time going to the gym and seeing friends. 

Miss McKinney Year 6 Class Teacher - Art and Music Lead

Mrs Egan - Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am Miss McKinney and I teach in Year 6. I have taught at Brackenwood Junior School for 3 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I love being part of an amazing team, watching our school grow from strength to strength. I am Music and Art co-ordinator and have a great passion for these subjects as I truly believe that they make a positive impact on children's education and well-being. I am originally from Northern Ireland but moved to Liverpool to study at university before moving to the Wirral to work and live. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym, running and reading. I love to spend time with my friends, going out for coffee and food.

Mrs Webster Year 5 Class Teacher - Geography and Maths Lead

Miss Hale - Teaching Assistant

Hi All, I am Mrs Webster - I have worked at Brackenwood Junior School for over 20 years and have experience across the whole Key Stage. My roles over the years have varied greatly: from PE and Science leader, to student and ECT mentor, to name just a few. I'm currently the Maths leader and Staff Governor. For the last few years, I have also had the role of Lead Professional, which is an exciting 'side line' to my classroom based work. I love teaching Year 5 and sharing fun and exciting lessons with the eager and delightful pupils here at Brackenwood.

Mrs Worthington Year 5 Class Teacher - History and RE Lead

Mrs Wilson - Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Worthington and I have worked at Brackenwood Junior School for many years (over 20 years!). During this time, I have worked in every year group, but have spent the most amount of time in Year 3 and Year 5. My favourite subject to teach is History and I particularly love The Tudors and local history facts. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my family - we like going to Chester Zoo, visiting National Trust properties and, one of my favourites, a day out to a castle

Ms Dawson Year 4 Class Teacher - Science Lead

Mrs Jones - Teaching Assistant

Hello - I'm Ms Dawson! I've worked at Brackenwood Juniors for 6 years, starting in Year 3 and then moving to Year 6. I have a little boy on the way (due end of August) which is very exciting! My favourite subject to teach is writing because I love seeing the shock on children's faces when they compare their Autumn work to Summer work, and their delight at the progress they have made.

Mrs Kavanagh Year 4 Class Teacher - MFL and DT Lead

Mrs Case - Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs Kavanagh. I have been teaching for 10 years, 9 of which have been at Brackenwood Junior. Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a litigation lawyer in Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. My skills of negotiation and dispute resolution have come in very handy in the classroom at times! I am currently MFL and DT lead at Brackenwood as well as a Year 4 class teacher. I love teaching languages and speak French, Italian and Spanish myself. I enjoy making these lessons fun, engaging and interactive to try and inspire children to share my love of languages. I am married with 2 young children and as a family we love the outdoors and will often be found out walking, exploring and camping whatever the weather! We are also big advocates of the arts. We enjoy going to the theatre, cinema and music concerts whenever we can and I enjoy bringing drama activities into the classroom. I sing in a large community choir 'Cantemus at Calday' and regularly perform in concerts in the local area. I also co-run the school choir with Miss McKinney.

Mrs Beesley Year 3 Class Teacher - PSHE Lead, Personal Development and Behaviour Lead

Mrs Murphy Jones - Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs Beesley and I teach in year 3. I have taught at Brackenwood Junior School since January 2024. I have taught from year 3 to year 6 in Yorkshire, Berkshire and now the Wirral. Currently, at Brackenwood, I am PSHE, Personal Development and Behaviour Lead as well as previously being an ECT mentor. I grew up in the Middle East and spent a large part of my formative years in Canada so have experienced a wide variety of cultures. In my spare time, I enjoy playing padel tennis, swimming, reading, watching movies and going on lovely long walks in the countryside with my husband. 

Mr Williams - Year 3 Class Teacher - PE and Computing Lead

Mrs Jump - Teaching Assistant

I am Mr Williams and I teach in year 3. I have taught at Brackenwood Junior School for one year but have been teaching for 9 years. I have taught from year 1 to year 5. Currently, at Brackenwood, I am the computing and P.E. co-ordinator. I live in the local area with my wife, two daughters, and a dog called Vinnie. Feel free to say hi if you see us out and about. I support Liverpool and enjoy playing football myself. I also coach my daughter's team at Higher Bebington Juniors Football Club. In my spare time, I enjoy playing pickleball, swimming, family days out, watching movies and reading.

Mrs Nicol - Business Manager

Mrs Johnson - Office Administor and Attendance Lead , Mrs Milne - Office Administor

Hello - I'm Emma, I've worked at Brackenwood Junior School for 13 years, transitioning from a career in finance. My time at the school has been incredibly fulfilling, and I truly love working here. The experience has allowed me to combine my passion for education with the skills I developed in the financial sector. It’s been a joy to contribute to the growth and development of our students, and I'm proud to be part of such a wonderful community.  

Site Team

Mr Wynn - Cleaner, Mrs Quick - Cleaner

Midday Supervisor Team

Midday supervisors - Mrs Shakeshaft, Mrs Hancock, Mrs Cotter