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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

Music Knowledge Organisers

Please find music knowledge organisers for your child with the key knowledge each year group are learning in the different school terms. A knowledge organiser is a tool used in primary schools to help pupils understand and remember key information about a specific topic or subject. It is a document that outlines the most important facts, concepts, vocabulary, and sometimes skills that pupils need to learn. We would like all our parents to use the knowledge organises to help and support the pupils to learn the key knowledge for music curriculum.  

The Music Knowledge Organisers include: 

Essential information that pupils need to know about a topic.

Clear, concise summaries of key points.

Key Vocabulary:

Important terms and their definitions that students should learn and use.

Visual Aids:

Diagrams, charts, maps, or pictures that help illustrate the topic and support visual learning.

Important Dates and People:

For subjects like music, this might include significant events and figures.

Questions and Answers:

Frequently asked questions about the topic with concise answers to reinforce learning.

Curriculum Links:

Connections to other subjects or broader themes in the curriculum.