Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

Communities and Partners at Brackenwood Junior School

At Brackenwood Junior School, we are deeply committed to integrating our music development plan with the local community. Our pupils regularly visit the local nursing home, where our choir performs for the elderly, bringing joy and fostering intergenerational connections through music.

We also have strong ties with Wirral Grammar Schools, collaborating to support pupils with their transition to high school. Our pupils have the opportunity to watch high school performances, inspiring them and providing a seamless musical journey from junior to secondary education. These community links enrich our music program, creating meaningful experiences for our pupils and the wider community.

At Brackenwood Junior School, our commitment to music extends beyond the classroom into unforgettable community and performance experiences. Our pupils collaborate with peers across the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), showcasing their talents alongside other schools in exhilarating concerts held at venues like Hillbre High School and The Floral Pavillion. As part of our broader musical enrichment, the MAT hosted 'EurOAKvision', a Eurovision-inspired concert that celebrates musical diversity and unity.