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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

Music Curriculum at Brackenwood Junior School

Music Intent

At Brackenwood Junior School, we strive to cultivate a lifelong love of music in our pupils by creating a vibrant musical atmosphere. Our goal is to provide a wide range of high-quality musical experiences that engage and inspire pupils. Our music curriculum emphasises creativity, curiosity, and excitement, helping children develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and collaborative skills. We aim to build a curriculum centered around musical sound, offering a progressive pathway for every child. Music opportunities will support children’s mental health and give them a chance to express their emotions. Students will perform, listen, critically analyse, sing, improvise, and compose music, gaining an understanding of the fundamental musical elements.

“The music opportunities are amazing at Brackenwood Junior School. As well as music lessons, we have had the chance to take part in a concerts thoughout the year. We took part in ‘Ama-sing’ in the Floral Pavillion and collaborated with Hillbre High School and all the other schools in our MAT, to perform a concert for all the parents. It felt incredible to perform live on stage for a large audience. I also sing with the choir and have performed to the elderly in the local nursing home.  It’s great to give back to the local community”.

Ciara - Year 4

Music implementation

At Brackenwood Junior School, we recognise music as a vital form of communication that influences children's emotions, thoughts, and actions. Music education is essential for brain development, human connection, collaboration, and stress relief. We aim to nurture every child's musical potential through diverse opportunities in singing, listening, playing, performing, and evaluating, embedded in classroom activities, instrument learning, and choir participation.

Following the 2021 music curriculum, each year group progresses through specific music skills, experimenting with pulse, rhythm, and percussion. They learn to use symbols for notation, play tuned instruments, and understand basic music principles and notation, guided by HTLAs or music specialists. Pupilss also improvise, compose, and collaborate using instruments and technology.

Children experience a wide range of music, including live orchestra performances, and participate in music festivals, events, and school clubs like choir. Peripatetic teachers offer group and individual lessons. Our goal is to develop confident musicians who continue to engage with music beyond their time at Brackenwood Junior School.

“I joined the Rock Steady Band this year not ever having played a musical instrument. I can’t believe that in just a couple of weeks I have learnt how to play the guitar and performed with my band in a concert for my mum. Harry our music teacher is brilliant. He has helped me with my confidence as I was worried about performing. The crowd loved our song and I can’t wait to perform again. I am a rock star at 9 years old”.  

Jude – Year 5.

First Access

Learning an instrument for the first time is an exciting part of a young person's musical journey and something we believe every child should experience. Edsential works closely with our school schools to ensure that every Yr. 4 class is given the chance to learn an instrument together. At Brackenwood Junior School the children learn to play the Ukulele. This is a ten week program and the children perform with their ukulele's in a concert for all their lovely parents. 

Music Impact

We want to develop confident happy musicians who have the self-confidence and belief to use their musical skills, knowledge and experience to involve themselves in music in a variety of different contexts outside school and following their time at Brackenwood Junior School.