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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

Intent and Implementation

Ofsted's inspection framework (released September 2019) focuses on examining the curriculum a school has in place and how effective it is in securing knowledge. Ofsted has divided this examination into three areas: intentimplementation and impact.

The intent of the curriculum  is the content we want children to learn and the sequence in which they are taught it. At Brackenwood Junior School, our curriculum is designed to ensure that our children are immersed in a range of broad and balanced activities within which subject specific skills and knowledge are taught discreetly. 

The implementation of the curriculum is concerned with how the intent is taught.   At Brackenwood Junior School we teach subjects discreetly in order for children to learn subject specific skills and knowledge, while making cross curricular links when the subject content lends itself to do so. Children will retain knowledge and understanding thanks to meaningful lessons and ample time for reflection and repetition, to ensure that knowledge is enhanced over time. Each lesson will refer back to previous learning and build upon knowledge learned in previous year groups.

Below is the intent and implementation plan for each subject.  

English Plans
Maths Plans
Subject Plans
Whole School
Autumn Learning Overviews
Spring Learning Overviews
Summer Learning Overviews