Year 6

Teachers – Mrs Dawson, Mrs Ward and Mrs Lees

HLTA – Mrs Powley

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Egan


Voices #5: Windrush Child - Scholastic Shop C:\Users\dawsonc\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\5528850.tmp


To begin our year, we will be looking to elect our Head Ambassadors and School Ambassadors to instil responsibility and maturity in our new Year 6 children. 


In English, will be reading Windrush Child (for Black History Month) and The Island: A Story of the Galapagos (linked to our science topics of Living Things and Evolution). We will be using these fantastic texts in our writing lessons, drawing upon interesting vocabulary and themes to write a range of genres. The children always enjoy reading these books and discussing them in class. It is our intention to immerse pupils in the wonders of quality texts to instil a love of reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination.


Our main goal in Year 6 for maths is to equip them with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for their high school journey and beyond. The children will develop in all areas of maths including arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving.




The most exciting part of Year 6 is, of course, PGL! We will be going in the summer term and we believe this is an amazing opportunity for the children to develop independence, confidence and teamwork skills – a perfect way to end their time at Brackenwood Junior School!