Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!

The teachers Miss Webster, Miss Worthington, Mrs Balmer are supported by Miss Jones.

In Year 5, we promote a high level of independence and support children with gaining a level of maturity needed for Year 6 and high school. We do this by giving them extra responsibilities around the school such as the opportunity to become sports ambassadors.

Children are encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings, their homework and their learning in the classroom. We find this helps to develop confidence and in turn, they access new knowledge more easily.

 In English, to start the term we will be reading ‘The Last Bear’ by Hannah Gold. 

We love to read! We encourage a love of reading through class stories, home reading books, quiet reading and sharing our most beloved authors.

Maths is taught through using the 5 big ideas of mastery. Children get lots of opportunities to talk and explain their thinking. They use manipulatives and support materials to consolidate their understanding. Arithmetic and times tables play a vital role in enabling pupils to confidently answer reasoning questions.

Our lessons are fun, challenging engaging. The afternoons consist of well planned, knowledge based subjects.

We start the year by looking at forces in science, Monet in art, the Kingdom of Benin in history and rainforests in geography.

Our curriculum is enhanced with exciting visits – this term we will be visiting the Liverpool Museum and taking part in a workshop about Benin (we’ll also have a look at the other exhibitions while we are there).


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