Work Experience


At Brackenwood Junior School we are committed to providing outstanding opportunities for High School students to experience life in a busy working environment. Each year we are inundated with requests to provide work experience therefore we feel the need to formalise the process.


If you are currently in secondary education and wish to complete your work experience in our school then you must write a letter of application.

In your letter you must briefly state your reasons for wanting to work in our establishment and detail the strengths and abilities that you could bring. Please also include how you think working in our school could benefit you in your future career. Basic information must also be included (your age, school, dates for work experience, deadline for finding a placement).


Every member of staff at Brackenwood Junior School works exceptionally hard to provide the best education for our children. Therefore, if you wish to be part of our wonderful team you must be committed and willing to work hard and show initiative.


Thank you for considering our school for your work experience.


Miss Worthington, Student Mentor.