Staff Workload and Well-Being

Staff Workload and Well-Being

At Brackenwood Junior School, we are mindful at all times of the workload and well-being of the staff. Here are some of the things that we do in our school in order to help with this …

* The school has adopted the MAT wide Staff Charter, which outlines a number of strategies to cater for teacher workload and well-being.

 * Teachers are not required to run any extra-curricular activities school so that they have plenty of time for assessment and planning from 3.30pm onwards.

 * Teachers do not supervise children at morning break times or lunchtimes so that they have time for a break if they require one or time to prepare for the next lesson.

* Planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time is available to teachers in a ‘block’ of time wherever possible.

* Staff meetings are strictly limited to one per week and never extend beyond 5.00pm.

* Meetings begin punctually, have a specific objective and are fit for purpose.

* Detailed schedules of all events are made available for staff at the beginning of each half term in order to help them plan their time efficiently and effectively.

* Parent consultations are planned carefully in order to take account of teacher well-being. They take place over three evenings, and teachers are expected to stay late (7pm) for one evening only.

* There is no expectation upon teachers to attend social or community events outside school hours.

* The formats we use to report to parents on pupil progress have been amended to reduce teacher workload, without compromising the information which parents need to receive in order to be kept informed of their child’s progress.

* Teachers have access to the school in the evenings, at weekends and during holidays in order to suit the working styles and circumstances of different individuals.

* The school follows a supportive approach to monitoring the quality of education and developing teacher’s pedagogical knowledge.

* Formal assessment windows are limited to three per year, in order to reduce teacher workload.

* Staff Well Being and Workload questionnaires are completed at regular intervals, in order to enable staff to raise any concerns or issues.