May 2023

News - 08.05.2023
Year 6 News
Huge congratulations to our Year 6 pupils whom have worked tremendously hard preparing for their SATS. The children have completed all their SATS tests this week and we couldn't be more proud of them. Their hard-work, determination and positive attitudes have been wonderful! Have a relaxed weekend - You all deserve it!
Year 5 News
Year 5 have been very grown up and have sensibly discussed the topic of puberty. We’ll continue to follow our scheme and complete the lessons. Then each class will have a questions box for the rest of their time in Year 5.
The Year 5 play leaders are doing a fantastic job setting up games and putting all the sports equipment out at breaktimes and lunchtimes. We have giant jenga, skipping, basketball and football - We really do have a lot of fun - Thank you playleaders! Keep up the great work:) 
Year 4 News 

In science, Year 4 have enjoyed learning about a range of different habitats within the UK such as woodlands and grasslands. We researched about their climates and how different soils can be found which means different plants can grow. 

In Maths, we have been learning about decimals and how these relate to our previous topic of fractions. Year 4 have done excellently so far, we are really impressed!

And in DT, we have begun our new unit about cooking and nutrition. Throughout this unit, we will be focusing on Fairtrade. This week, we have been investigating packaging before making our own.


Year 3 News

Its been another short week after celebrating the King's Coronation at the weekend. In Science this week, Year 3 have been identifying animals based on their skeletons. We have learnt lots about Fairtrade in our Geography.

In Maths, children have enjoyed making shapes with cotton wool buds-using them to identify quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular lines.

The children have also produced some beautiful story writing based on our book ‘Journey’.

News - 02.05.23
Year 3 News
A short but lovely week in Year 3.

We have enjoyed learning about the human skeleton and names of the bones in Science. In Maths, we have started to learn about angles in shapes and in English, the children have been gathering wonderful vocabulary to describe a forest setting.


Year 4 News


In PE, Year 4 have enjoyed another week of fitness circuits, pushing themselves out of their comforts zones. We have been completing a range of different exercises including burpees, high knees, shadow boxing and tuck jumps. 

In English, we have just begun our new book ‘Gorilla’. We will be learning to write a persuasive letter. Throughout our lessons this week, we have used lots of emotive language to come up with ideas to persuade the father in our book to buy Hannah a Gorilla. 

In science, we have begun our new topic ‘Living things and their habitats. In our lessons, we have learnt about a range of different habitats such as the Savannah, the Arctic and the Rainforest. We have also learnt about which animals live there and how they adapt to live in that environment.



Year 5 News

Such a short but productive week. We’ve enjoyed the football coaching support from Mr Lewis at Beb high and enjoyed a game to apply the skills we have learnt. Our Maths unit is decimals this week and it is quite a tricky one but we're getting there! We’re moving on to percentages soon.


Year 6 News 

Year 6 have had a jam packed 3 days this week. We have continued to revisit and retrieve key Maths knowledge in preparation for SATS next week. 

We have also been working very hard in reading, looking at a wide range of genres such as fiction and poetry. We are continuing to use our skimming and scanning skills to ensure we understand each text.