March 2023

20.03.23 - News at Brackenwood
We have had a superb week this week with so much going on.

Year 3 News:

What a wonderful and jam packed week Year 3 have had. 

We were lucky enough to visit Christ Church where the children were able to learn more about the Easter story. 

In Maths, we have just started learning about what the perimeter is and how we measure it. Lots of measuring skills being used-using a ruler, converting between cm and mm as well as adding our measurements together.

We have also loved completing our MAT Environement Project on Traffic Pollution. The children have produced wonderful leaflets with the help of Mr Lamb’s amazing assembly!


Year 4 News:

The year 4 children had the most wonderful 2 day residential staying overnight at Barnstondale. From abseiling, to rifle shooting, orienteering and a campfire. The children and staff had the most amazing time. The children represented the school and themselves beautiful they showed great teamwork, resilience, communication and collaboration. 


Year 5 News:
Again, we have had fun in DT. This time we made pulleys and linked our science knowledge to our DT designs. Mr Lewis joined us for PE for Beb High Academy - He is such a great sports person and supported us with our tennis skills. Thank you Mr Lewis! And in Spanish we have been learning how to pronounce the alphabet.
13/03/23 - News at Brackenwood Junior School 
Year 3 News:
This week, Year 3 had the amazing experience of visiting the Philharmonic hall in Liverpool to watch the superb orchestra as well as joining the many schools is singing alongside the orchestra.

In computing, we have started to look at programming through Scratch. The children chose their own sprite and worked on giving it commands to make it move. They are so excited for their next lesson already!


Year 4 News:
This week we unpicked the meaning of some tricky vocabulary. Did you know macabre means gruesome and grisly.
We have also been researching all about the effects of plastic pollution on our planet and next week we are going to write a non-chronological report to celebrate with the MAT our Environment Event.
Such a great week Year 4 - Looking forward to our residential next week! Don't forget to pack your teddy.
Year 5 News:
Thank you to the staff at Thumbs up for running an extremely interesting workshop that has helped us in Year 5 think about our friendships and building positive friendships and about self-esteem. 
We have also enjoyed investigating joins in DT in preparation for designing and making our own rain forest shelters.
06/03/23 - News at Brackenwood Juniors 
Year 3 News:

Year 3 have been working on their jumps to improve their coordination in PE. This will help them jump further in their Athletics lessons.

Well done to the Year 3 boys who took part in the MAT football tournament. It was lovely to give the children, who are not part of a football team outside of school, the opportunity to get involved.

In computing, we have been planning our branching databases and in Maths, we have loved using metre sticks to measure objects in the classroom.

Year 4 News:
What a super week we've had. We practiced ukulele  with our music teacher and we are learning so much. Not only that we have been working on our badminton skills too.
Year 5 News:
This week we have been reading challenging texts in our Vipers sessions. We learnt lots of new vocabulary that we put up on our working wall. We love our reading sessions, we read independently, together in pair and when we come across a tricky word - Dictionary corner, that's Charlotte and Liam help us clarify the meanings