February 2023

03.03.23 - News
World Book Day was brilliant this week. We started our day with a reading breakfast, shared our favourite books with pupils from different year groups, we read to one another, had a celebrity read to us and even had a visit from a local author - Martyn Potts. What a great day!
Year 3 News
Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed world book day. It was super to share our books with 5W and read alongside them. We listened to celebrity Alesha Dixon on a live feed whereby she shared with us, how she became an author. We have started to work on our newspaper unit on the text Beware of the boys. 
Year 4 News
This week we worked collaboratively to write a class narrative that will be published in a class book. We all planned and shared some fantastic ideas, edited our writing and we even drew illustrations to go in our book. We cannot wait to see the finished copy. 
Year 5 News
An amazing world book day. We shared our books with the Year 3 children and wrote some amazing narratives. We listened and asked questions to a local author and read our poems back to him. Martyn Potts was so impressed.
On Monday, we investigated solubility and discovered some new scientific words. Do you know the difference between melt and dissolve?
Year 6 News

Year 6 have started looking at ratio this week, using counters to represent different ratios. We have then moved on to apply out knowledge to SATs style questions. 

We have taken part in World Book Day, bringing in our favourite book and sharing this with other children in school. We were also very lucky to meet a previous student of Brackenwood Junior School, who is now a poet. He shared his memories of school and his favourite things. We loved reading with Year 4, sharing our favourite books and reading a snippet to each other.

17.02.2022 - News
Wow, what an incredible half term we have had! We cannot thank the BFG even for throwing the most fantastic disco last night for the whole school to enjoy! We celebrated so many awards in assembly today, including superstars, kindness, times table rock stars and coming first in a futsol competition and competing i a bowling competition. It really was a fantastic way to finish off our half term.
Year 3 News - We had the most amazing Chester, Roman Experience trip. We got to look at all the artefacts in the museum, find out about the food the Romans ate and even got shown around the amphitheater by a gladiator! Great week had by all. 
Year 4 News -  
This week in Year 4, we have just finished our unit of ‘inclusive sports’ in PE. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning this new sport Boccia and have built upon our teamwork skills but also tactical skills within this game. 
In art this week, we have continued to develop our skills in drawing like Quentin Blake. We have focused on the various different ways he creates features on faces and in Science, we carried out an experiment to identify which materials insulate sound. From our experiment, we found out that soft materials, such as cotton wool or sponge are excellent insulators of sound. 
Year 5 News - Tranmere Rovers 1st team came into Brackenwood Juniors this week and held a question and answer session with the children - talking about memorable moments and their inspirations. It was such a joy to be around celebrities and listen to their journeys of resilience, handwork and excellence. 
Year 6 News - Big thank you to High Impact this week, for running such a successful Science workshop. The children had a fantastic time dissecting a real heart and applying their knowledge of the chambers and function of the heart.
They have also completed their narrative on 'Floodlands' working effectively to include dialogue and advance the action of their stories. Well done Year 6!
10.02.23 - News 
Year 3 - Guess what? We have been drawing in the style of Sandra Silberzweig - a Canadian artist and she retweeted our tweet! Sandra must have really liked seeing our artwork. Thanks Sandra!

We have also  been busy practising our ball control in tennis.


Year 4 - Science has been so interesting this week. We are learning about states of matter and whether materials can change state. We have been learning about how sound can travel through different medium- solids, liquids and gases. In our lesson, we have carried out an experiment to test how this happens. 
Did you know that sound travels quickest through solids and slowest through air?
Year 5 - We have had such a busy week. Researching the amazing amazon rainforest We are going to continue to learn about the rainforest and will look to raise awareness of deforestation in the coming month. We completed a published write on a myth set in roman times. We practiced writing at length
and with stamina. The Romans have been a fascinating topic to learn and we have managed to effectively grip the reader in our myths. In PE, we are learning and inclusive game called Boccia - We all take part and its really great to see everyone having a go and learning a new sports game. 
Year 6 - 'Floodlands' has been such a gripping book. Imagine one day waking up on the Wirral, to find out water is slowly consuming your home and everything that stands in its way. Being separated from your parents and having to survive...Well that's what Zoe did and that is what we are doing in Year 6. We are writing the gripping tale of adventure and how we are to be reunited with our loved ones fare the flood....or will we?
03.02.23 - News
Year 3:
Year 3 have been practicing sign language in lunchtime clubs and are doing a superb job signing greeting to fellow peers and staff members. This week Year 3 experienced an earthquake using VR simulation goggles in their computing lessons. 
Year 4: 
Over the past few weeks, Year 4 have enjoyed learning how to play Ukulele’s. In these lessons, the children have been learning to play and count in time as well as different rhythms. We have been singing lot’s too! 
This week, Year 4M have had swimming lessons at Caldy Pools. We are really impressed with how well children have progressed but also with the children who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones.
In Geography this half term, Year 4 have been focusing on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We had the opportunity to use VR Headsets to look at different volcanoes all around the world. We absolutely loved it.
In PE, we have been learning how to play inclusive sports through Boccia. The children have loved how competitive and tactical this sports is.
Year 5:
Some Year 5 children have safely taken to the roads on their bikes. Bikeability is the government's national cycle training programme. It helps you learn practical skills and understand how to cycle on today's roads. Well done to those Year 5 pupils who have taken part.
In Year 5 this week, they have been learning about Monet's waterlilies and we look forward to see the skills that have been practicing in their final piece of art work. 
Year 6:
Year 6 have been had a busy week filled with editing and publishing in writing. We have been creating a journal entry, linked with our class story ‘Floodlands’.They have continued to explore area and perimeter of compound shapes, applying our knowledge to parallelograms and triangles. In science, they have been investigating the heart and the functions of the cells in blood.
Well done to our Year 4 and 5 for an amazing performance in the Corgi Cup V Heygarth Primary School. An unlucky 2-1 lost but you represented our school wonderfully and showed so much respect.