April 2023

April's News at Brackenwood Junior School:
Year 3 News: 

A fantastic 1st week back. Year 3 have had a great week full of learning.

In PE, we had a fantastic 1st football session, practicing our control skills and in Science, we started looking at the 5 different food groups and their benefits.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new wordless English book, Journey too.


Year 4 News: 

In Year 4 this week, we have just finished making our pneumatic monsters in DT. We have used a variety of different materials to design our monsters including, googly eyes, coloured card and tissue paper. 

In previous lessons we had to decide which part of our monster we would like to inflate. Some of us chose the eyes, some chose the ears or the tongue. We used plastic tubing and balloons to inflate these different parts of our monster.

In science, we have been exploring the volume of sound by carrying out an investigation. In our lesson, we dropped a coin from different heights onto a drum. We found out that the higher you drop the coin from the louder the sound is. To measure the volume of sound we used a decibel metre.

We have begun our new topic of Orienteering in PE. This week’s lesson involved us creating different letters of the alphabet using our bodies. We built upon our team work and communication skills throughout this lesson.

Year 5 News:
We carried out an interesting science experiment to see if we could separate a solute from a solution.

We started football in PE, again supported by Mr Lewis from Bebington High.

Year 6 News:

We hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and have loved seeing all the refreshed faces. Year 6 have been straight back into the swing of things after our Easter Break. We have been recapping our knowledge of fractions, applying the most efficient methods. 

We have also started our new science unit of light, exploring how light travels in straight lines and observing this as light hits our eyes. 

Our reading focus has been focusing on explaining vocabulary choices made by authors. We have been practicing our ‘skimming and scanning’ skills to add context to our understanding of each text.