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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

September 2023

Year 3 update 02.10.23

A lovely week for Year 3 and we could not be prouder of their Harvest Assembly. Amazing singing and reading from our children.

In Maths, the children have been focussing on their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have learnt to count in 50s as well as order and compare numbers up to 100.

As part of Black History Month, we have started our new text-Counting of Katherine-all about Katherine Johnson’s life.

In PSHE, we have been looking at connecting friendships and focussing on how to be a good friend. We are asking children to choose different friends to connect with during playtime.

Year 5 update 02.10.23

It’s been a great week in Year 5. This week we have finished writing our narrative and reading our text Oranges in no man’s land – it’s been an emotional read but we are so proud of the written work the children have produced.

In Science, we have been investigating which solids made a solution.

Year 6 update 02.10.23

It’s been an exciting time this week announcing our Year 6 prefects for this year! It was an incredibly difficult decision thanks to the well-written application letters. The prefect team should be feeling very proud. Look out for their badges around school. 

Such a fabulous week of swimming for 6D. You represented our school wonderfully and made so much progress with your swimming skills. 

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication during our arithmetic learning. Remember ‘times along the line’ and keep practising the column method for multiplication.

The children have completed research on the Linnaean system for classifying living things. Why don’t you show your adults at home which ‘class’ a frog would be or which ‘order’ a lion would be.

Year 3 update 25.09.23

Year 3 have blown us away this week with their wonderful commitment to learning.

They have produced some wonderful letters in writing, showing off all the skills we have been working hard on.

In maths. we have been busy with Place Value. The children have worked hard on some tricky concepts like estimating numbers on a number line.

Mr Moss has been impressed with their improving tag rugby skills too.

For Science this week, the children have been investigating magnets and when they attract or repel.

Year 4 update 25.09.23

In PSHE this week, Year 4 have been looking at Bullying. We have learnt what bullying actually is and how we can identify it. We have also discussed how bullying can affect people’s wellbeing. Through social stories, we have learnt about the impact of ‘bystanders’ and their responsibility within bullying.

In art, we have had lots of very excited children. This week we finally got the clay out. We experimented with various tools and made lots of different marks with them. We cannot wait to make our clay tiles next week.

In Science, we have carried out an experiment to observe how long ice takes to change state depending on the environment it is in.

We absolutely loved Geography this week investigating Spain as part of our Europe topic. We researched about its physical and human geography, its climate and weather as well as learning lots of interesting facts about its culture.

Year 5 update 25.09.23

Wonderful watercolours! We have practised our background washes in preparation for our final Lowry inspired art work in Year 5 this week.

In maths we’ve been working hard. Especially in arithmetic. This week we’ve been focusing on column subtraction of very large numbers.

Year 6 update 25.09.23

Year 6 have continued to impress us this week!

In Writing lessons, children have been starting to learn about the Windrush generation. After our planning lessons, we are excited to see the non-chronological reports that they will be writing next week.

In Maths, we have been learning the tricks of the trade for divisibility as well as all about factors and multiples. If anyone isn’t feeling as confident with factors or multiples, please keep practising at home too.

We have also been learning about MRS GREN in Science lessons and we are looking forward to seeing whether our predictions were correct from the investigation this week.

IP addresses were the focus of this week’s Computing lesson and we were very impressed with how quickly the children found them for a variety of websites.

Year 3 update 18.09.23

Another amazing week for Year 3.

In English this week, the children have written a beautiful setting description. They are now getting ready to write their letters about a boy’s experience with a seal rescuing him from the sea.

We have been working so hard on identifying 3 digit numbers and the value of each digit. The children can now partition and show how 3 digit numbers are made using base 10, place value counters and part-whole models.

We are still busy practising for our Harvest Assembly-learning our line and they have loved Tag Rugby this week in PE with Mr Moss.

Year 4 update 18.09.23

Year 4 have had a lovely week. In art, we have designed and planned 4 different tiles that include a variety of shapes, patterns, natural shapes, curves, swirls and lines. Next week, we are will be experimenting with clay and we cannot wait!!!

In English, we have been drafting out diary based on our book Journey to Jo’Burg. We have been using a range of our Year 4 skills to write about Naledi and Tiro’s Journey to find Mma in Jo’Burg as their baby sister is ill. 

We have been using base 10 equipment and place value counters in Maths to find 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than a number.

In Spanish, we have been using our excellent Spanish accents to learn about the days and months of the year.

Year 5 update - Week 3 18.09.23

Another great week in Y5. We have published our writing and are very proud of our work. Science was fun, we investigated the best material to keep our teacher’s coffee warm. Paper towel was not the best option! We also drew in the style of LS Lowry, using the one point perspective technique – it was trickier than you’d think!

Year 6 update - Week 3 18.09.23

We have had a wonderful week with the Year 6 children!

The children have finished their persuasive letters to Miss Fry with their application to become a prefect. We can’t wait to elect our new Year 6 prefect team!

In maths, we have continued looking at place value with a focus on rounding and negative numbers.

6D had a ‘portrait club’ in their art lesson this week and enjoyed sketching portraits of one another.

6LW started their science unit of ‘Living Things’ by looking at how living things can be classified.

Year 3 update - Week 2 12.09.23

Year 3 have had a fantastic week and are now fully settled into their new Year 3 routine.

In Maths, we have been using manipulatives to investigate 2 digit numbers, counting in 100s and recognising numbers to 1000.

They have produced some beautiful writing for their setting description in English and in Science; they have been looking at types of forces.

They loved our PE Dance lesson-improvising movements for a natural disaster.

Year 3 have been busy learning  new songs ready to wow at their Harvest Assembly and can’t wait to show them off.

Year 4 update - Week 2 12.09.23

Year 4 have had another fantastic week.

In Art, we have begun our sculpture topic were we will be learning to create tiles with clay. This week, we have looked at modern artist Gaudi and Contemporary artist Sonia King who both make mosaic style sculptures.

In Geography, we have continued looking at Europe as a continent and comparing it to other continents. We used compass points to explain where other continents are from Europe.

In Science, we have learnt about the particle behaviours of Solids, Liquids and Gases. Additionally, we looked at water and how is changes through the states by heating and cooling.

Year 5 Update - Week 2 12.09.23

What an amazing week! We have continued to read Oranges in No Mans Land. It has completely hooked us and inspired some wonderful diary writing. Dance in PE has been very elegant. Tudor dancing doesn’t quite look the same without the big gowns but the children managed to keep in time and are developing their own dance. Our Lowry inspired Art was an exciting lesson. We went outside and attempted to draw the school.

Year 6 update - Week 2 12.09.23

We have had a wonderful week with the Year 6 children!

Preparations for writing their persuasive letters to become a school prefect are well underway, with the planning all done and the drafting process has begun. We can’t wait to read them!

We have been focusing on our arithmetic skills in maths this week, brushing up on what the children have learned in previous year groups.

6LW have enjoyed a week of swimming and have shown exemplary behaviour.

6D have started to look at classifying living things in science, recapped greetings and saying the date in Spanish, learned about respect in PSHE and continued our assessments in health related fitness for PE.

Autumn Term September 2023 - Week 1 05.09.23
Year 3 News

We have had a wonderful week in Year 3 and we are so proud of how well the children have settled in.

In English, we made some fantastic predictions for our new text as well as recapping on our grammar from Year 2.

Times Tables Rock Stars day was such a wonderful and fun day. We loved all of the amazing costumes and the children enjoyed getting used to the TTRS app.

We spent our 1st Geography lesson building on our Year 2 knowledge of the UK and learning all about Great Britain and the British Isles.

For our 1st Art session, we investigated shade and tone using different art pencils whilst being introduced to our focus artists – Gary Hodges and Henry Moore.

Year 4 News

This week in Year 4, we have been very excited to begin all our new topics. In Science, we have begun looking at the different States of Matter and have identified different objects within those states and their behaviours.

In Geography, we have used atlases to identify countries within Europe, their capital cities and the oceans and seas that surround Europe.

Maths has been brilliant this week what with our TT Rockstars launch and we have been using base 10 equipment to represent and partition numbers up to 1000. We chanted songs, played timestables bingo, battled on TTRS and practiced our multiples of 3. 

Its been the best first week back! 

Year 5 News
Year 5 have had an amazing start to the year. We enjoyed the start of our Geography topic ‘South America’ and discovered the names lots of countries in the continent.
The highlight of our week was the Times Table Rock Star day. The children looked amazing and had so much fun singing and learning about the times tables.
Year 6 News
This week, we were blown away with how well the children have settled into Year 6. They are proving to be wonderful role models for the younger children. All Year 6 adults are on the look-out for our new school prefects and the children are clearly determined to make the decision very difficult for us!

In English, we have looked at the features of persuasive letters and modal verbs in preparation for our first unit of writing which will be a persuasive letter to Miss Fry, applying to be a school prefect.

In maths, we have recapped place value of numbers to 1,000,000 and began looking at the place value of numbers to 10,000,000. We have already made a good start on practising our arithmetic skills which will be a big focus this year for us.

In PE, we have started our assessments for our health related fitness unit. We began looking at cities of industry in geography and explored identity in art.

Best of all, we had a fantastic Times Tables Rock Stars Day! The children (and staff!) looked fantastic dressed as rock stars and we had lots of fun practising our times tables throughout the day.