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Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

October 2023

Year 3 Update - Week 7 - 23.10.23

A lovely final week of the half term in Year 3.

This week, the children have been showing off all their amazing key knowledge learnt in their Geography and Science units.

We have finished reading all about Katherine Johnson and learning all about the amazing achievements. The children have produced wonderful descriptions of the explosion of Apollo 13

In Maths, we have been working on our mental methods for addition and subtraction as well as focussing on our 3 times tables.

In Spanish, the children have been learning how to ask people’s names as well as answering these questions.

Year 4 Update - Week 7 - 23.10.23

In English this week, we have started our new genre, Newspaper articles. Within lessons, we have identified features of a Newspaper as well as researching information on the Apartheid. We discovered when the Apartheid System began, why it was made, the impact it had on Black South Africans and identified Nelson Mandela’s role at that time.

During our speaking and listening lesson, we did hot-seating where the children acted as interviewers/interviewees, establishing the feelings and thoughts of black south Africans during the Apartheid.

In Maths this week, we are looking at addition of 4 digit numbers with exchanging. We have used a range of concrete materials to support us in lessons.

 In art this week, we completed the first stage of making clay tiles. We used a variety of different tools and different skills to crate tiles inspired by Richard Miller and Antoni Gaudi. Next lesson, we will be painting our tiles.

Year 6 Update - Week 7 - 23.10.23

What a fantastic last week of the half term we have had in Year 6!

In writing, we have been planning our newspaper reports on the Windrush Scandal. We are very much looking forward to reading them and displaying some of them in school.

During our Science lessons, we have been making Circle books with information about the different Kingdoms. We were so impressed with your collaboration on them and your focus while researching.

Children have made lots of progress understanding long multiplication during our arithmetic learning and are becoming more secure answering questions about factor pairs.

We have been tackling some tricky texts in Reading lessons and are starting to dig under the surface with difficult inference questions.

Keep up the hard work next half term everyone! You make us so proud to work with you in Year 6. Enjoy half term!