Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

December 2023

WC - 11.12.23 
Year 3
This week, Year 3 showed off their amazing singing as part of the Christmas Carol Concert. A huge well done for learning all the words.
The children have published their amazing narrative writing on the Stone Age boy in English. We also enjoyed getting out of the classroom and taking photos of different areas within school to help us improve our writing by starting sentences with fronted adverbials to make our writing more interesting. We have been using arrays in maths to support our times table knowledge. Check out Google classroom for Mr Williams’ help video.
The children loved, looking at the start of the Bronze Age in History, and how it affected life at that time. We also enjoyed putting the basketball skills we have been developing over the past few weeks in practice in a game situation during our P.E. Lessons. 

We can’t wait to show you all of our hard work so far this Friday in our parent curriculum night. 

Year 4
Another fantastic week for Year 4! We have been busy in the classroom, learning about lots of new and interesting things. 
In Science, we have been experimenting with making our own switches for circuits using our previous knowledge of conductors and insulators. 
We completed our final lesson in History, looking at what legacies the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings left behind. We were amazed to find our that a lot of our language comes from Vikings.
In English, we have been writing our own play script based on our boo Arthur and the Golden Rope. We have thoroughly enjoyed this genre of writing. 
In Spanish, we have been learning how to say different colours. 
Year 5 
What a week! A huge congratulations to all whole year for leading our school carol concert. Your maturity, organisational skills, loud voices and cheery smiles ensured the concerts were a success. We loved listening to you tell us about Christmas around the world. It was an amazing end (almost, we're nearly there) to an amazing first term. 
WC - 04.12.23
Year 3 have had an amazing week this week!

We have been busy preparing for our Christmas concert and can’t wait to show you our amazing singing voices. 

In the classroom we have been working just as hard. We have been finishing off our Stone Age Boy narrative using thesaurus to include exciting vocabulary. We have also been sharing our work with our peers during the editing phase of writing so we can up level our work. You will be so impressed reading them next week during our curriculum evening on Friday 15th. 

In computing we have been improving our animation skills to include backgrounds and speech. In history we have been learning about primary and secondary resources and how they can help us learn about the past. During science we have continued to develop our knowledge of rocks.


Year 4
Year 4 have had another fantastic week! Everyone has been working extremely hard in all lessons, we are so proud! 
In English this week, we have began writing playscripts based on our new book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. The children are thoroughly enjoying this genre of writing and are so excited for each lesson. They have been working collaboratively in groups writing scripts and acting out their plays.
In history, we have been learning about the lead up to the Battle of Hastings 1066. The children have been finding out about the 4 claimants to the throne and discussion the significance of the Battle of 1066 and the impact it has on our world today. In each history lesson, we love to find out the local links to each lesson, for example, when learning about the Battle of Brunanbruh, it was said to have taken place in Bromborough.
During PSHE, we have been looking at our families and the roles of each person and comparing it to families around the world. The children were amazed at how different some families where in different parts of the world, such as, various family members (aunties, uncles, grandparents) living together.
Year 5

Another great week of Christmas Concert rehearsals – Year 5 are blowing us away with their amazing reading, acting and singing.

We've started discussing how to keep ourselves safe online. Do you know how to search the internet safely?

In Spanish, we have started to learn the colours and have a catchy little song to help us remember. 


Year 6

Such a great week for Year 6!

In Reading this week, we have been developing different skills such as summarising and inferring to build upon how we answer the different question types. Before Christmas, we will keep working on pace. How many words can you read in 1 minute? why don't you challenge yourself?

In Writing, we have been focusing on speaking and listening to help with our non-chronological report writing about the Galapagos Islands. We are excited to see the published pieces! 

Thank you to everyone who has brought in shoeboxes and egg boxes for the Fairground ride DT project. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished rides on our news feed.