Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Brackenwood Junior School

April 2024

WC 22.4.24
Year 3
We started the week with a bang! We all took turns making a smoothie using a bike to power the blender. Then we drank our smoothies they were delicious. Carrying on with our healthy lifestyle we continued to develop our skills in P.E. by using our overarm throws. It's not as easy as it looks. 
During maths this week we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions by learning about equivalent fractions and at the end of the week we moved onto mass. In English lessons, we tackled the very tricky concept of the present perfect tense, developed our vocabulary to use at a later when writing our diary entries, and learned how to use adverbs and prepositions to show time, place, and cause. 
We were also very excited to meet our secret reader! We also look forward to meeting more of our secret readers.
Year 5 
What a great week!
Our Bikeability children have really enjoyed learning about how to stay safe whilst riding on the roads.  Lovely reports from the instructors about how well behaved and polite our children were. 
Continuing with the cycling theme, we used bike power to make our own smoothies. Everyone enjoyed peddling, as quickly as they could, to make the blender blitz the fruit. 
We have also enjoyed making a prototype book in our DT lessons. We can't wait to see the finished product.  In PE we kept our pulses racing with laps of the path, then completing many more sprinting and jogging activities. 
Year 6
On Tuesday, we had Midshire into school with their smoothie bike. The children thoroughly enjoyed cycling on the bike in order to create delicious smoothies. Please check out the photographs on Twitter/X. 
During the afternoons, we have been completing mock SAT papers in order to help the children with their pace and stamina as well as finding out their gaps so that we can teach to them between now and their SATs. This should continue to build up their confidence and show them how amazing they are!
Year 6 have been feeling extremely proud of their narratives so far. They have enjoyed the challenge of including dialogue to move the stories on as well as ensuring their writing flows well to the audience.
WC 15.4.24
Year 3
What an amazing week it has been in year 3. We have started immersing ourselves in our brand new book 'The Wild Robot'. During this half term, we will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of Roz the robot and a narrative. To encourage discussion amongst the pupils we have created our own robots with their own purposes and debated whether or not robots are good for humanity. 
In science, we have started our Humans and Animals topic. This week we looked at the five food groups and how each group helps our bodies to grow and repair in different ways. For maths, we continued to develop our knowledge of fractions by placing them on a number line.
It's nearly summer so it must be time to get outside and enjoy some cricket in the sun and that is exactly what year three did. During our first lesson, we started with the basics and made sure we could confidently execute an under arm throw with accuracy.
Finally we started our community project. We are planting potatoes and mint which we will harvest in a few weeks and give to a local food bank in an effort to help those in need. We also enjoyed getting very muddy at the same time. Watch out for the worms! Ewwwwww!
Year 4
What a fantastic week Year 4 had to begin summer term! 
In English, we continued with our persuasive writing on our activity centre. The children's use of interesting vocabulary, skills and creative ideas have blown us away. They have all worked extremely hard and we are proud of the progress they are making.
In PE, we have begun our new topic 'Health and Fitness'. In our lesson, we completed a circuit which consisted of 10m sprint, reaction speed tests, balancing and coordination tests and had to record our results. At the end of the topic, we will record our results again and hopefully see progress.
In DT, we continued making our sling shot cars in our groups. We used glue guns, straws, wooden dowel, lolly pop sticks and wooden wheels to construct our chassis. Next week, we will design and create the body of our car thinking about aerodynamics. We are extremely excited to finish making our cars to test them in a race.
Year 5
This week in English we finished reading our text 'Children of the Benin Kingdom' we have loved this story and it has kept us on the edge of our seats.  It was lovely to hear comments like 'I hope they write a second book' or 'Wow! I wasn't expecting that' when we finished the final page.  We are really looking forward to reading the children's written work now. 
Year 6
Wow, we have been so impressed by the Year 6 children this week! They have been striving to include all of the Year 6 writing skills within their Selfish Giant narratives. Their editing has been fantastic! Please check out Twitter/X to see some examples.
Within Reading lessons, we have been working on our gaps from our Spring Term assessments. One of the skills that the children have been improving has been 3 mark SATs style questions on inference. They have been trying so hard to give two points with supporting evidence from the text. Keep this up!
In Maths, we have been digging deep with arithmetic and reasoning gaps too. Symmetry has improved brilliantly as well as analysing pictograms and looking at shape. 
Science was really fun this week as we had the electrical components out to make electrical circuits. The children made a good start to writing glossaries and these will be added throughout this unit of work.